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"Some things are only between you and Allah because the entire universe altogether can’t even come close to protecting and nurturing you like He does."

~ Abdurrahman önüL - Medinenin Yollarinda | iLahi

Anonymous asked:
Salam! I remember you mentioned earlier this year that you were starting college. If you don't mind me asking, what is your major and why did you choose it? Jazakallah Khair

Waalaykum salam. Wa iyakom, I’m studying bachelor of accounting/commerce. I chose this field because I find it challenging, interesting and hope it will open doors of opportunity in the near future.

Anonymous asked:
A Muslim man I was in a relationship with just wished me a gruesome death and that Allah let my rottening corpse burn in hell. How should I respond to this hate message? What can I do to draw closer to Allah without letting this hate message ruin my perception of Islam?

Make dua for him and wish him the best. Just because he is Muslim doesn’t mean his actions reflect the religion of Allah. Do zikr, remember Allah, read Allah’s beautiful 99 names and reflect on them. You will find a sense of closeness with Allah when you learn what His names attribute Him as..

Here are some to remember..

The Inspirer of Faith - Al-Mu’min

The Guardian - Al-Muhaymin

The Seer of All - Al-Basir

The Just - Al-`Adl

The All-Aware - Al-Khabir

The Responder to Prayer - Al-Mujib

The Protecting Friend - Al-Wali

Self Acceptance Can Be Reluctantly Won

One day in the market place, Nasrudin encountered an old friend who was about to get married. This friend asked the Mullah whether he had ever considered marriage.

Nasrudin replied that a few years ago he had wanted to marry and had set out to find the perfect woman. First he had travelled to Damascus, where he found a perfectly gracious and beautiful woman but discovered that she was lacking a spiritual side.

Then his travels took him further to Isfahan, where he met a woman who was deeply spiritual, yet comfortable in the world, and beautiful as well, but unfortunately they did not communicate well together.

Then in Cairo I found her” he said. "She was the ideal woman, spiritual, gracious, and beautiful, at ease in the world, perfect in every way."

"Well," asked the friend, "did you then marry her?"

"No," answered the Mullah, "unfortunately, she was looking for the perfect man."

The Wisdom Of Accepting Whatever Befalls Us

Once there was a farmer whose only possession was a prized horse.

All the people of the village ridiculed him."Why put all your money into a horse? Somebody could steal it and you will have nothing."

The horse did not get stolen, but sadly enough the horse did run away.

"You fool," the villagers said, "you should have diversified; not put so many eggs in one basket. Now you have nothing. You are so unlucky."

The farmer, being a wise man, answered "Don’t say I am unlucky. Just say my horse is no longer here. That is a fact. We don’t know what may happen next."

Sure enough, the next day the horse returned, and with him was a herd of wild stallions. The villagers exclaimed, "You were so right! Look how fortunate you are!" The farmer replied "You can’t possibly know if this is fortunate or unfortunate. We do not have the whole story yet. Merely say that we have got more horses than before."

The farmer set his only son to tame the wild horses. He was thrown and broke his leg. The doctor said that he would be crippled for life. The villagers again decried his misfortune, but again the farmer asked them to withhold judgment

Soon thereafter; a war broke out in their country an all the healthy young sons were drafted into battle. Only the farmer’s son was left behind. The fighting was fierce and most of the other boys in the village died at war.

"You were right again, farmer"the villagers said. The farmer shouted, "On and on you go, judging this, judging that. Who do you think you are? How is it that you presume to know how this is all going to turn out?"

Anonymous asked:
Assalamwalaykum, my friends are all non-Muslims and before I didn't know that girl needs to wear hijab once she enters puberty. I took some pictures with my friend without the hijab on(she took some without me even knowing) and when I was told it was too late. I asked her to delete it but she won't and laughs. Will Allah still forgive me? Even if I repent all the photos are still on her phone, a lot of my other friends also refuse to delete the photos, I know ur not a scholar but pls help.

Waalaykum salam,

"Do not despair of God’s mercy; He will forgive you of all your sins".Qur’an (39:53).

"Certainly Allah is Most Forgiving and Merciful." (Qur’an 25:70)

Sincerely repent by doing the following, and Insha’Allah you will be forgiven.

1- Stop the sin.
2- Regretting deeply and truly for the sin you committed.
3- Return to Allah for forgiveness.
4- Strong intention never to return to that same sin again.

thatlittlemisscomplex asked:
Assalamualaikum, Your siwak pic was very inspirational alhamdulillah. Just what I was hoping to see when I requested some 'Revive a sunnah' pics. It would be of great benefit insha allah if you could do some more when you have the time x] BF.

Waalaykum salam, alhamdulillah I’m glad it’s what you were hoping for. Insha’Allah I’ll definitely get onto some more when I have the time =)