stranica-dnevnikaa asked:
Salamu alaykom dear, I ♥ your blog so much it's the best!

Wa alaykum salam, aw jazakAllah kheir☺️ your message means more to me than you know. Inshaa’Allah you continue to enjoy future posts, take care xx

~ [Emotional] Prophet Crying for his Mother | Maulana Tariq Jameel

So emotional.. Makes me cry everytime.

Anonymous asked:
Salam! how do you know if you're shia or sunni?

Waalaykum salam. I know I’m not shia because I don’t agree with their beliefs. I know I am sunni because I follow Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamah.

11,000+ followers. Alhamdulillah❤️❤️

Anonymous asked:
I have several tests coming up soon please make dua for me jazakallah

May Allah ease your task and make it end well, ameen ❤️❤️

Anonymous asked:
Asalamu Alaykum sister, just a quick question! Are you Shia?

Waalaykum salam, no I’m Sunni :)

aussie-kashmiri asked:
Salam, could you spread a word about india occupied Kashmir floods? You could google what's happening, I can't tell you what and how much worse we are going through. Need international awareness as india denied international aid because we are a Disputed muslim state. Would really appreciate your efforts, need help from our fellow Muslims all over the world. If you need help in who to contact I could help you further. May Allah be with us and you.

Waalaykum salam.. I apologize iv been ill the past few days I haven’t gotten around to it, I’ll post this answer public so that everyone can see in the meantime. Our duas are with you!

Anonymous asked:
Assalaamualaikum sis. I'm in need of urgent sincere duas. I just feel I have the symptoms of cancer. My chest pains. I'm too scared to go for a checkup. I'm only 18. Please make sincere duas that it shouldn't be cancer. Please everybody. Allah does Miracles

Waalaykum salam.. My duas are with you. Everyone please contribute💜


The Caliph Uthman (RA) was once alerted about some people who were engaged in some suspicious activity. He went out to catch those people red-handed but they had dispersed by then. He immediately freed a slave out of gratitude to Allah (SWT) that no Muslim had been shamed at his hands!

How different his attitude was from that of Muslims today who delve into other people’s secrets and pasts to expose their weaknesses, who backbite without thinking twice about what they are saying and from whose tongues at least, other Muslims are not at peace!