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A boatload of Duas sailing your way inshaAllah. May Allah make your exams easy for you and Jazakallah for the advice on friends. ~love from the US <3

Waa iyakom thank you for that sweet message, made me smile. 😊 no problem at all, if you do need a friend to talk to don’t hesitate to just message. I know what it can feel like being misunderstood for I went through that too. BarakAllahu feek.

Duas please 🚩🚩

For my exams coming up inshaaAllah

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I don't have any friends that are "religious." I know in our deen it is heavily emphasized that we choose friends that will help bring us close to Allah (swt). My friends are good people, but it's upsetting to see that they become flustered when I try to initiate a discussion about religion. I'm not expecting them to be sheikhs lol, but for once it would be so nice to have someone to go through that spiritual journey with me. I will of course continue to be patient iA, but any other advice?

Make lotsssss of dua. In time, Allah will draw you near people who are more alike to you. The key is to just ask. Make LOTS of dua, and believe that your being heard and your dua is going to get answered.

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Assalamualaikum :) which country do u live in? Australia?


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Allah rahman ve rahim olandir hersyin sahibi odur biz allahin kullariyiz


~ Become People Of Quran - Nouman Ali Khan

Here’s a credit given to all those who try in the name of Allah, who aim to spread knowledge, who aim to be better Muslims, who aim to help others be become better Muslims, may Allah swt make us Muslims with a vision. Ameen.

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Assalamualaikum, I mean what do you do in your daily life? :))

Waalaykum salam. I’m just an ordinary student :) doing what any other 21 year old does daily.